24 Things To Do Before My 24th Birthday

Bless up uself!

Again, I become dragged into the cliche of writing blogs about cliche topics. Because of my friends… Well actually it was one friend in particular… and she is beaming from ear to ear as she reads this part about her. Things I do for my friends. But I love them nonetheless.

So I was pressured, re:pressured and doubly re:pressured to write this one. But anyway, here goes:

1.   SAVE MONEY!!!!

2.   Write a lettter to myself and open it when I’m 40.. no 50! Open it when I’m 50.

3.   Get some friends and travel somewhere, with a full tank of gas and a road map.

4.   Take at least two (2) weekends off. Leave home and go somewhere, just because.

5.  Learn what is my talent, and use it, to help others.

6.  I honestly want to participate in a marathon, or a walkathon or something that is physically exerting. I will worry about the physical pain afterwards.

7.  Drink more water.

8.   Read all the books that I have started but yet to complete that laying around the house.. especially those in my room.

9.   Lock my hair once and for all.

10.  I want to improve my keyboard/piano playing abilities. And own my own keyboard too, while I’m at it. (Donations accepted) <– Didn’t get any donations.

11.  Sing a solo in public (not a solo part (<< done that) a solo song)

12.  Bake a pie. Did this once, in high school, I need to do it again.

13.  Play paintball.

14.  Fall in love. I want to meet a nice guy that I can at least attempt to build a future with. And if I met him already, I hope we can build on our friendship to make it a future that is brighter, happy and fun!

15.  Blog everyday for a week.. or at least 5 days out of the week.

16.  Travel overseas. I always wanted to go to Barbados (you know, it whole “just imagine yourself in Barbados” slogan really resounds in my head) but with the disclosure being made nowadays about finger-rape, mi nuh too wah chance it u zimi? But there are other places I wanna go as well. Canada is shaping up to be my new focus.

17.  Learn more French, especially if (since) I’m going to Canada.

18.  I want to decide what exactly I want to do my Masters in. Settle my mind.

19.  Sleep in my car one night… Because I have to.

20.  I want to get in better physical shape.

21.  Renew my passport and get a Canadian Visa. (I know these are two (2) things but I think separating them would be cheating)

22.  Paint my room. This is a big thing, you wouldn’t even understand.

23.  I want to be happy. Not happy sometimes, or having spurts of happiness. I want to be truly happy with myself, my life, my relationships and with my God.

24.  Look back and celebrate the past 22 years, where I have come from and what I have achieved, and prepare for the next 3 years before I turn 25… GOSH the numbers getting big.

24?! DAMN!! I’m getting old!! I should put in the list “To stock up on Depend”

So… I have roughly 11 months to acheive these goals.. Lemme get at it…

As simple as these things might seem, I’m so boring and lackluster that it might just end right here. *sigh

Walk good and walk with pride.



  1. Stargirl Wellie

    I was hoping for long elaborations, detailed descriptions, a padded paragraph (lol), two sentences even!, saying something about each thing you hope to do… I finished reading too quickly 😦 …. so that means you have to do another post very soon :). Oh! and since you document it remember the whole world (even if that means only me) gonna constantly hassle you if you don’t complete the list! Glad you took up the challenge from your “friend” though and all the best as you endeavour to do all on the list! Interesting, as always 🙂

    P.S.: Road trip sounds nice… so does Barbados, yeah, without the finger rape and all 🙂

    P.P.S.: Writing blogs about cliche topics is better than not writing at all! #justsaying 😉

    • Well Madam Wellie,

      For some, elaborations are not required, they are as they are. Especially those like the paintball one.

      I will do another blog… soon.. I have so much things to say.

      Please don’t make me regret posting this list enuh. Awhoa! Mi might nuh go through all 24 on the list, but I will most certainly try not to let myself down.

      Mi nah pree Barbados again, sarri!

  2. I think I am too late to do this type of list. I am turning 24 in a few days lol

    • You can do 25 things to do before my 25th birthday… Or take up other challenge I did.. You would call it 24 things I have learnt in 24 years.

      Lemme know how it goes. 🙂

      • I will do one for my 25th birthday. Nice list. Hope you get it done.

      • I hope so too. *fingers n toes crossed*

  3. Let me know through your blog what has been crossed out 🙂

    • Will must definitely do… Though I’m beginning to think that I took up more than I can handle. That’s because I’m getting too old.

      • Especially if your birthday is close. In a way this does make a person feel old lol

  4. Curious Kitten

    Having read your blog entry and subsequent comments, I noticed where a reader has requested that you let him/her know what has been crossed out. You replied that you will. Is it safe to assume that you have not completed any of these items as yet? Just curious.

    P.S.: And yes, i did notice this… “As simple as these things might seem, I’m so boring and lackluster that it might just end right here. *sigh”… but you can do it! Yes you can! 🙂

  5. Oshaine

    You’re half-way there (to your birthday).
    Will you need to hustle with things on the list?

    • I should update this enuh… Time to cross off 2 things.

  6. PreciousPriscilla88

    Were you able to achieve everything?

    • Nope… Only those I crossed off. In a subsequent post “Just 24 Things” I broke them down individually.

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